Ask Natalie, Your Natural Health Questions

Do you need Vitamin D, a herbal supplement, a homeopathic remedy or a consultation with a Practitioner? Don't know? That's OK! I'm here to help. Asking questions can help guide you to make empowered, confident and conscious decisions about your natural health care. 

Who Am I ?

I'm a natural health practitioner with diplomas in Homeopathic Medicine, Heilkunst and Dynamic Nutrition (among many other certifications and trainings). My work in health food stores started when I was very young. My family and I co-founded Nature's Vibe  back in 2012 to serve our small and lovely community of Cambridge Ontario, Canada. Recently, the company has morphed into a Natural Health Centre, which is now home to several incredible holistic healthcare professionals. The walk-in store is transitioning to be 100% online (as of April 1st 2021) which allows us to serve clients, Canada-wide.

My next project involves working on a growing educational library and programs that will help expand the Vibe. So, when I say your questions are welcome, I very much meant it! The more questions I get, the more I can create helpful resources for you and everyone else! 

I've answered tens of thousands of natural health questions over the year and it is my pleasure to help guide you. 

Here are some examples of questions you might ask:
-  Which Vitamin D do you recommend?
-  Which probiotic might be best for an irritable bowel?
-  Is this supplement safe when pregnant?
-  Is there a natural remedy that could help with headaches?

Please note that I do my best to answer questions as soon as possible within 24-36 hours. In addition, my recommendations provided by this service are for informational purposes only and do not replace medical advice.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Natalie Friese, Nature's Vibe Co-founder. 
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