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Fresh Wave

FRESH WAVE Pets Carpet Shake (170 g / 6 oz) 3-Pack

FRESH WAVE Pets Carpet Shake (170 g / 6 oz) 3-Pack

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Fresh Wave - Pets Carpet Shake - 3 x 170 Gram(s) - NPN: 00000000 -- Eliminate the odors carpet cleaners can't get out. Shake, shake, shake your carpet odor away with Fresh Wave® Carpet Shake. Few things absorb and hold odors as well as your carpeting. From spilled food to pet odors, cigarette smoke to sweaty feet, your carpet is exposed to a lot of bad smells. Not to mention must, dust and even pet accidents. But a sprinkling of unscented carpet odor eliminator - using natural ingredients - can safely and effectively get rid of smells. For the ultimate carpet and rug deodorizing feat, add the Fresh Wave Pearl Packs to your vacuum to prevent odors from re-entering the room via the vacuum's exhaust

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